The battle against cyber-jihad

2010. szeptember 28. 13:19
New research suggests closing down extremist Islamic websites is no substitute for directly challenging their religious ideology.

„Three religious concepts form »the backbone of all jihadist activity«, according to new research by the anti-extremism thinktank Quilliam. The concepts – used to justify a very broad range of violent activities – are »self-supporting and mutually reinforcing«, and highly resistant to being challenged from outside. But to effectively combat jihadism it is essential to start with addressing these doctrines, Quilliam says.

Its conclusions are based on an 18-month study of Arabic-language websites that eventually focused on 20 discussion forums. This showed that jihadists draw their ideas from a very limited range of Islamic thought – mostly the Wahhabi and Salafi interpretations of Islam. It is very rare to find opinions from what, historically, have been the main schools of Sunni jurisprudence.

Wahhabism is the ultra-strict brand of Islam that originated in Saudi Arabia and jihadists see Wahhabis as »possibly the only group of scholars with the necessary integrity to be worthy of being followed« – which brings us to the first of the key concepts: the idea of »the saved sect«. The saved sect is basically the idea – found, too, in other religions – that »we« are right while everyone else is wrong and will go to hell. At best, this means that others, whether unbelievers or fellow Muslims, are misguided and in need of re-education but it can also be used as a pretext for violence against them.”

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