Mark Zuckerberg Adores Crazy Hungarian Breed of Dog

2013. június 10. 10:49

According to numerous sources, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, rushed around central Europe during the final days of spring. He also visited Hungary, but why?

2013. június 10. 10:49
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Why did Mark Zuckerberg visit Hungary? For a short walk on the shores of the Danube? To visit the famous ruin pubs of Budapest? To buy up IWIW, the declining Hungarian social network site? Or to finance a considerable part of Hungary’s sovereign debt?

We don’t know anything about Mr. Zuckerberg's financial plans, but he really was spotted near the Danube (prior to the flood waters) and in some of the hip bars of the inner districts of Budapest. However, the real focus of his visit unraveled just days after the trip: the Puli, a Hungarian dog breed, one of the funniest-looking dogs in the world.

The Puli is a smallish, medium breed of Hungarian herding and guard dog known for its long, corded coat. The breed is best known for the coat's dreadlocks, making it virtually waterproof. Imagine a Rastafarian who has fallen under a voodoo spell that has, uh, transformed him into a spunky, herding dog.

Pulis are also known for their smarts, creativity and high energy, but they are also a strange and sometimes chaotic kind of breed. How fitting then that the Puli is one of the symbols of Hungary! How appropriate! Pulis were already used for both herding and guarding livestock a thousand years ago when the nomadic Hungarian tribes conquered the Carpathian Basin. For centuries since then, Pulis have been widely used as shepherd dogs throughout the country, especially on the Great Plains.

After significant changes in agriculture in the 20th century, the Puli became less popular. Now it has become a kind of specialty dog breed owned by real enthusiasts and connoisseurs in Hungary and around the world.

And now, it seems, Mr. Zuckerberg counts himself among the Puli enthusiasts. He owns a Puli names Beast, who has, of course, his own Facebook page that boasts 1.5 million fans of the little, white doggy. Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife love the Puli too, so they visited Kisújszállás, a small town on the Great Plains, to meet a Puli breeder, Antal Ferenc. Mr. Ferenc told news site 444 that the visit had been planned well in advance, and Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife were interested in the nature of these Hungarian dogs.

Komondor fun

According to Mr. Ferenc, Zuckerberg and his wife fell in love on the spot with another Hungarian dog breed, the (in)famous Komondor. The Komondor is a traditional livestock guardian dog that resembles a giant kind of Puli, though much less friendly with unwanted visitors. Perhaps a good choice for smart celebrities!

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