Tokaji Aszu Wines Are a Taste of Hungarian Sweetness

2015. december 03. 10:57

By the dismantling of the Iron Curtain, Tokaji aszu (pronounced TOKE-eye-ee AHS-ew) was almost a historic footnote, a half-forgotten luxury of centuries past.

2015. december 03. 10:57
Eric Asimov
The New York Times

„But after Communism, the region drew significant foreign investment, and recovery has been quick. You can now find quite a few superb Hungarian wine producers.

Yet, as wine drinkers today largely ignore the once-prized sweet genres, many Hungarian producers have turned their attention to producing dry wines. I don’t quarrel; some of these wines can be very good. Still, the sweet wines can be simply stupendous.

Take the 2008 5 Puttonyos aszu from Royal Tokaji. When you pour this wine (only lightly chilled, please), you are almost enveloped by its aroma. What is it? Peaches? Apricots? Crisp apples? But it’s more than fruit. Spices, too, like cinnamon, and flowers and honey. Take a sip and you are immersed in a luscious nectar. The sweetness, which could be overwhelming, is balanced by vibrant acidity. The result is surprisingly refreshing and invites more sips.”

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