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New York Times

2011. február 3. 13:25
As Egyptians clash over the future of their government, Americans and Europeans have repeatedly expressed fears of the Muslim Brotherhood.
2011. január 31. 12:36
Silence is a crime. We will find ways to get our voices across to the world, to demand freedom and justice.
2011. január 26. 15:47
Polls show that a majority of Israelis and Palestinians say they both want a two-state solution, but also say they believe the other side is lying.
2011. január 25. 12:02
Tunisia was a Facebook revolution. But I prefer a phrase I heard in Tunis: „The Dignity Revolution.”
2011. január 19. 15:16
That night, the militias come out. In my apartment building, we hear bullets ringing overhead. My wife is shaking.
2011. január 18. 14:15
We should discuss currency issues with China, but the exchange rate should not be at the top of the bilateral agenda.
2011. január 11. 12:24
Szimpla Kert epitomizes the „romkocsma” („ruin pub”) movement, which has exploded beyond the district to encompass not just vacant lots, but rooftop bars such as Corvintető.
2011. január 10. 12:01
If Arizona promotes some real soul-searching, it could prove a turning point. If it doesn’t, Saturday’s atrocity will be just the beginning.
2011. január 6. 14:22
There is no way to „clean up” Twain without doing irreparable harm to the truth of his work.
2011. január 4. 13:03
Mr. Orban may have forgotten, but Hungary’s tragic history has taught its people that a free press — and a checked government — cannot be taken for granted.
2010. december 22. 14:50
Academics from the left and right blame each other for the state of higher education, but they're in agreement more than they realize.
2010. december 8. 13:40
Sooner or later, America was bound to wake up to the implications of modern technology. Julian Assange just made it a particularly rude awakening.
2010. december 6. 11:35
We cannot go on like this. The crisis in the euro zone is the single largest threat to the fragile global recovery we are now seeing.
2010. november 30. 12:38
The law by itself cannot do enough to disarm the Internet’s trolls.
2010. november 26. 15:00
What we need now is another Jonathan Swift.
2010. november 25. 14:38
North Korea cannot hope to win an all-out war, but it may well believe that by incrementally escalating its aggression it can bully the South into giving up.
2010. november 22. 16:27
As for the Irish themselves, their idyllic initiation into global capitalism is over, and now they probably understand the nature of modernity a little better.
2010. november 18. 11:37
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